Book Review – Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”

So, this is a very popular book. And of course, most people have heard a thing or two about Dave Ramsey. My wife heard he was very religious. Many people have heard about his radio show. I had a vague knowledge of him. It was like I’d had this idea of the typical famous self-help book dude.

My first impression was, “GET TO THE POINT!”  I wanted to skip ahead to his “baby steps” in a quick bullet-point style to see if it meshed with my experience, thoughts and values. However, it wasn’t painful per se, the stories were nice and the points clear and valid. By the time I got to the “baby steps” every thing made sense and Dave’s direct, “gazelle intensity” approach was clear and easy to understand.

Overall I’d recommend this book as part of a general financial literacy approach. Include this in your advancement of knowledge but don’t let it be the end all be all of financial knowledge. If you just need one book, stick to “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

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